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Performance Marketing Agency

Pay only for leads

Forget impressions, clicks or meaningless metrics and pay only for true results. 

What is Performance Marketing ? And Performance Based Advertising

Performance marketing, or performance-based advertising, is a form of marketing where the client only pays for measurable and meaningful results. The client identifies what impacts his bottom line the most. It can be leads, phone calls, appointments, etc. 

The performance agency will manage marketing campaigns to deliver results at the agreed-upon price. For example, if the clients want phone calls for $50 per call, the agency will create a campaign and generate phone calls for the client. The agency will pay for all the media buying and the client will only pay when their phone rings.

In addition to Pay-Per-Lead, Pay-Per-Call and Pay-Per-Appointment agreements, performance marketing agencies can offer even more foolproof deals. With a slightly more complex configuration, clients can pay only for converted leads or for sales via Commission Deals.

Type of Performance Campaigns Pay only when...


Prospects fill out a lead form


Prospects dial a unique tracking number


Prospects book via an online calendar

Type of Commission Deals Pay only when...

Converted Leads

Leads take an additional action

(ex: book in-person appointment)

Closed Deals

Prospects sign a contract

Percentage of Sales

Prospects buy via an unique link

Get The Best ROI

Performance Marketing Ensures the Best Return 

As a performance marketing agency, we do not charge for impressions, clicks or “brand exposure.” We bring real business, and we charge only for what matters to you. If you don’t make money, we do not deserve to be paid.

We believe that agencies’ remuneration should be dependent on performance. This kind of deal forces us to be the best and to deliver outstanding results. While traditional agencies focus on their own interest, a performance-based deal align the client’s interest with those of the agency.

And Why Machina?

How we stand out from other performance agencies?

It’s all about lead quality and conversion. We’re not the only agency that offers performance marketing, but we’re ready to commit to our leads. We offer solutions that help qualify and nurture leads. 

Depending on the type of agreement we have, it is possible to choose the type of prospect you are interested in and filter out leads/calls/appointments that you’re not interested in. Or, if you’re ready to set up additional tracking configuration, you can pay only when the lead is converted.

Custom CRM

Machina offers its own custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. This software will help you manage and convert the prospects (leads, phone calls, appointments) acquired via one of our campaigns.

From automatic SMS sent on missed calls to email reminders before appointments to converted lead tagging, we offer solutions to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

If you already have your own CRM and automation tools, we can connect them to our campaigns so leads are automatically imported into your pipelines.


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About Machina Marketing

We are a Montreal-based performance marketing agency that operates in Canada, USA and Europe. 

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